"Daffodil Day"
The daffodil is the international sign of hope and Daffodil Day is a great way to raise funds, and make a difference.
Every year, thousands of Australians lend a hand on Daffodil Day. Over the last 12 years, more $65 million has been raised on Daffodil Day to help with cancer research, education, and patient support.
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The symbol of the international campaign " Make Poverty History" is a simple White Band worn around the wrist, your arm - in fact anywhere you like that it can be seen by everyone!
ANYONE who believes in eradicating poverty should wear the White Band. By wearing one you are part of a unique worldwide effort to work towards ending extreme poverty.
Wear the White Band everywhere, every day. Click below to find out more

Breast cancer touches so many lives – I am sure you know someone close to you who has been affected by this – I do
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The ribbons below represent some more of the things which interest me, Please click on the ribbon for more information about each cause:

Aids Awareness

Alzheimer’s Awareness

Autism Awareness

Child Abuse Awareness

S.I.D.S. Awareness

Brain Aneurysm Awareness

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